Getting DUI charges off you with the help of a DUI lawyer

The police are not always right. It is true for law-makers too. Their flaws often lead to face additional problems when DUI charges are levied upon us. But, we may not understand these areas, which is exactly I would recommend people to hire lawyers in such cases. One of the primary cases where the lawyer will be able to help you is in acquiring the ‘dash cam’ from the patrol of the police, so that you can watch your arrest take place and spot the mistakes in them. The mistakes documented by your lawyer will be helpful in presenting as evidence.

Using the Miranda rights

I, for a fact, did not know anything regarding these rights until I got DUI charges on me. These rights generally start with a phrase which says that you have the right to stay silent. This is very helpful whenever a police officer arrests you. The rule is that a police officer will have to read out the rights to you, before you are booked for arrest. Once the camera evidence is acquired by your lawyer, he will be able to find evidence whether or not you were read out the rules. If the police offer did not read out the rights properly, then you have chances of quick bail. This is exactly what worked in my favor

The arrest record hold by the police officer

Such situations are rare, but it may happen that the police officer who arrested you is biased towards a particular group or community. It can be his personal prejudice or grudges against a particular race, society, individual or family. So, he may simply exaggerate your situation and get you arrested for a crime whose only a quarter parts has been committed by you. A lawyer would be able to check his records and then free you from such a case.

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Is hiring a DUI lawyer necessary?

DUI or Driving under Influence is considered as a serious crime. It refers to driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If anyone is found to have taken alcohol and driving then serious charges can be levied on him and he will have to face serious consequences like probation, fines, community service and even imprisonment. It is a shameful offence and one who is charged with DUI will be requiring a lawyer who can get him out of this legal trouble. How can a DUI lawyer help you in such cases? San Diego Criminal Lawyer will answer your queries.

Saving you from going to jail

Everyone hates going to jail I have seen a few friends getting dark patch in their characters after they got out of jail. The fines imposed on you and the jail time, can destroy your reputation in society and may even ostracize you. Some of my friends thought that they could easily get out of the mess by the help of their father’s money, but it was not as easy. Often, a lot of charges like public intoxication, failure to comply and resisting arrest get levied on you and the total fines of all these charges can go up to thousands of dollars. A lot of my friends had to face severe monetary crisis for a long period after they were out of jail. If you are not ready for all of these then you will surely require a DUI lawyer. Refer to San Diego Lawyer and you will know more about this.

Protect your licenses

One of the worst consequences of DUI charges are your license getting sacked. This generally happens the moment you get arrested. There are a lot of cities in the world which have stricter laws than most cities. There police officer can issue a note of suspension and revoke your license at the very spot. Once your driver’s license gets sacked, you will become incapable of driving yourself to work or even go to the market. Life will come at a halt. So, my suggestion would be to call upon a DUI lawyer immediately after your arrest. The sooner he arrives and takes over the case, the better are your chances to protect your license. He will fight on your behalf and make sure that your driving license is not revoked. Refer to San Diego Divorce Attorney and get into the details of this.

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Helpfulness of a DUI lawyer

If you have been arrested on charges of DUI, life has sure come to a dead end. But, it is surely not the end if you are determined to get out of the mess as soon as possible. The only person who can free you from such rigmarole is a DUI lawyer. There are plenty today in a country as DUI cases are very common. Do not consider the option of fighting alone. If you have money for a car, you should also have money for a lawyer. The question is what can a DUI lawyer to help you in such a situation? Celebrities, whose career depends on the reputation they garner, keep their lawyers on speed dial. They are the saviors who can get them out of an impossible situation.

Help you take advantage of law

We are obviously not accustomed to every bit of laws and regulations. DUI laws differ from country to country. But, every law also has certain loopholes, when laymen will not understand. Lawyers know all about it and they can help you take advantage of these loopholes, just the way a DUI lawyer helped my friend. The lawyer asked questions like; did the officer have probable cause to stop the car? Was the breathalyzer administered within an hour of the initial pause? Such and many more questions can reverse the law and your punishment can be reduced. Only, lawyer know about them and they will use to the best of your advantage.

Helping to avoid treatment programs

Once you get arrested for DUI, they send you for treatment programs which are often not required. Though these treatments are useful for a lot of people who suffer from alcoholism and can be a threat to society, there are a lot of people who drink casually and are no way near to being an alcoholic. The DUI charge they acquired was because of their carelessness, which they have become careful not to repeat. But, the court won’t understand. So, A DUI lawyer should be appointed. He will present your case to court and show that you are not an alcoholic. Once proved, you will be able to free yourself from expensive treatment programs, which you may not need. So, always consider the option of going for a lawyer when such a case is filed against you. He wills the person to understand you in such situations.

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Free yourself from wrong charges with the help of lawyers

If you feel that your DUI charge is off the limit mark and no lawyer can save you, even them you should consult one. There are a lot of advantages of doing that. When my brother got arrested, we got all panicky and the first thing I remember doing is calling for a lawyer. I felt whatever the case is; a lawyer would be able to sensible judge it and get my brother out of the DUI charge.

No cause for stopping a car

It happens that case can get thrown off, if the police cannot state a single reason behind his stopping your car. Often in order to get some action or even promotion, an officer can simply track you having a drink and getting into your car. He may have arrested you just for that and not because of any abnormality he noticed.

Accuracy of chemical test

Often the breathalyzer is not in a perfectly working state. If such a situation has occurred in your case, then there is every chance that your alcohol intake has been shown to be more than you’re your actual consumption. Your lawyer can check the equipments and tally with the reports to free you from faulty charges.

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Charges and fines in DUI cases

A DUI charge should never be taken lightly. Even if it is your first offence, it has the capability drain you out mentally and financially. So, I would suggest in such cases one should not think much before calling a DUI lawyer, who knows the nooks and corners of such cases. Such cases have the potential to bring a bad patch to your name and career. If you pledge to be careful from later on, yet laws will not enable you to get out of the situation gracefully.

Suffering in jail

By God’s grace, I have never got into a mess, but many friends of mine have managed to get them in such crimes. Depending upon the nature of your crimes you will be asked to stay in jail and get your BAC level in control. Once they will you are in a position to appear before the judge they will make it happen. But eight hours in jail, can be painful.

Huge fines

A lot of us cannot imagine the fines that people need to pay in DUI charges. All the standard fines in your state will have to be paid by you, as well as the national fines. Only DUI lawyers can save you from such pits.

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